Dear colleagues,

The Institute for Security, Defense and Peace, at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje is pleased to invite scholars and researchers to take part in the forthcoming annual international academic conference, to be held on 2-4 September 2021 in Ohrid. This time the annual conference is devoted to an exceptionally important and urgent issue of international, regional and national interest: the effects of the covid-19 pandemic on different spheres and layers of the national and international society.

The conference aims at providing a forum for the exchange of academic knowledge and empirical findings about the covid-19 pandemic, which, in addition to enormous human suffering, has set serious challenges for states and international actors. The idea is to bring together scholars not only from the different countries but also from different academic fields.

The working language is going to be English, while the participation could be with a written contribution or oral presentation. Given the ongoing uncertainty surrounding travels and public gatherings in light of the pandemic, the conference organizers are considering all possibilities, including online presentations if necessary and hybrid formats of the panels. Nevertheless, we hope to be able to welcome you all in beautiful Ohrid.

Upon peer review process, the papers will be published in the academic journal Security Dialogues.

The aim of the conference is multifold:

  • To promote a better understanding of and the dimensions of the covid-19 crisis. As organizers of this event we would like to host fruitful and open dialogue between the members of the academic community and the representatives of relevant national and international actors that are directly involved in crisis management and/or affected by the pandemic.
  • To provide an exchange of experiences and lessons learned from current and past instances of dealing with the pandemic;
  • To assist in the search for ways in which the academic community could contribute in dealing with a wide range of issues related to covid-19 and other health-related problems
  • To develop ideas about new research projects and practices aimed at improving networking and giving practical assistance in times of crisis;
  • To stimulate rethinking about the level of preparation and possible reform of the security sector as well as of the other national and international agencies in time of health, public, economic and societal crisis.

Among a vast list of possible themes to be discussed, we propose but not limit ourselves to the following ones:

  • Re-Thinking International Security and Peace Agenda
  • Re-Thinking National Security in the Age of Pandemics
  • Post-Covid-19 World Order and Global Leadership
  • Covid-19 and New Challenges for the Education
  • Demographic Challenges in the Post-Covid World
  • Challenges to Human Rights during Pandemic
  • Global and National Democracy Challenged: Governance of the Pandemic
  • The Uncertainties in the Balkans: Case of Covid-19
  • NATO’s role in dealing with Covid-19
  • The EU responses to Covid-19
  • Challenges for the Private Security Firms: News Protocols and Organizational Modes
  • Risk and Crisis Management in Time of Pandemic
  • Covid-19 and the World of Work
  • The Role of Law Enforcement and Police in Public Health Emergencies


Biljana Vankovska, president of the International Scientific Committee.

Members of the Committee:

Zorica Saltirovska (Macedonia),

Tanja Miloševska (Macedonia),

Jan Oberg (Sweden),

Catherine Samary (France),

Radmila Nakarada (Serbia),

Vassilis Fouskas (Great Britain),
Carlos Flores Juberias (Spain),

Bülent Gökay (United Kingdom),

Gorazd Meško (Slovenia),

Jasmin Ahić (Bosnia and Herzegovina),

Alexis Heraclides (Greece),

Želimir Kešetović (Serbia),

Kivanç Ulusoy (Turkey).

Vanco Kenkov (Macedonia),

Oliver Bakreski (Macedonia),

Zoran Nacev (Macedonia).

– Submission of abstracts by 31 January 2021
– Notification about the acceptance of the abstract 15 February 2021
– Submission of papers by 31 May 2021
– Reviewing procedure by 25 June 2021
– Conference fee payment deadline 5 July 2021


The participants with written contributions are expected to submit a paper abstract in English at the latest by 31 January 2021 to: or

The number of entries per author is limited to two (2) papers (i.e. author of one paper and/or co-author of another).

The full papers should be sent at the latest by 31May 2021.

The papers received after this date will not be considered and will not enter the review procedure for publication.

The papers with positive blind peer-review will be published in the international scholarly journal Security dialogues


– Author (including a co-author): total € 50 (payment until 05 July 2021 with positive review)

The conference fee refers to active participation at all sessions, conference materials, break refreshments and publication of the papers.

The fee is to be paid to the following bank account:
Name: UKIM Filozofski fakultet Skopje
IBAN: MK07 1007 0100 0038 485
Bank details: National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia
Address: bld. Kuzman Josifovski Pitu no. 1
1000 Skopje
North Macedonia
Correspondent bank: Deutsche Bundesbank Zentrale
Address: Wilhelm Epstein strasse 14
Frankfurt am Main

The proof of payment (copy of the payment slip) should be sent to the following addresses:

  1. E-mail address:
  2. Postal address: Filozofski fakultet, bld.Goce Delcev br.9A, Skopje