Mobility programmes

The mobility of teachers and students at the Faculty of Philosophy takes place with the support of international mobility programs (ERASMUS +, CEEPUS), through bilateral university agreements, as well as through financial support from the Faculty of Philosophy. Mobility includes a study stay at a foreign university, participation in international scientific events (conferences, summer schools, congresses, etc.), as well as stays related to scientific research work. The benefits of international mobility are manifold, both for the faculty as a whole through the introduction of new trends and approaches in teaching and study programs, and at the individual level for members of the academic community (students and professors), by expanding the network of professional contacts and associates.


The mobility of teachers and students through the Erzmus + program is extremely important for the internationalization of teaching and scientific activities at the faculty. As of the end of the 2019/20 academic year, the Faculty of Philosophy has a total of 101 active Erasmus agreements with European universities. Outgoing and incoming mobility of teachers and students through the Erasmus + program is increasing every year. Of note is the visible increase in Erasmus + incoming mobility at the Faculty of Philosophy, both by professors from abroad and by students studying abroad, who decide to spend one semester of their studies at the Faculty of Philosophy.

Erasmus offer at the Faculty of Philosophy (2022/23)

Erasmus contracts at the Faculty of Philosophy

Erasmus + competition for student and professor mobility


The mobility and cooperation of teachers and students in all three cycles of study is enabled through participation in the multilateral program for university exchange in Central Europe – CEEPUS (CEEPUS – Central European Exchange Program for University Studies). Within the CEEPUS program, the Faculty of Philosophy is a coordinator of three and member of six networks:

  • MK-0113-17-2324 ARHEOPED (umbrella network)
  • SK-1315-06-2324 Shared History of Central Europe
  • SI-0906-09-2324 Pedagogy and Andragogy in Central Europe – PACE (umbrella network)
  • HR-1107-08-2324 Philosophy and Interdisciplinarity
  • AT-0502-14-2324 Bioethics
  • CZ-1601-03-2324 Media Ethics (umbrella network)
  • MK-1409-05-2324 Central European Social Policy and Social Work Network – CESPASWON
  • XK-1818-01-2324 Empowering social dimension of education through quality teacher education development research, SOCTED
  • MK-1807-01-2324 Modern Antiquity: Network for Classical Studies (umbrella network)

CEEPUS call for network mobility

CEEPUS call for freemover mobility

The benefits of international mobility at the Faculty of Philosophy