International Week

International Week at the Faculty of Philosophy

Starting from the academic year 2018/19, the Faculty of Philosophy started organizing an international week, which is a five-day international interdisciplinary forum, which through lectures, promotions and discussions marks the activities and collaborations that the Faculty of Philosophy achieves internationally. The idea for International Week stems from the need to provide students with a broader platform for knowledge acquisition and exchange of views with professors and colleagues from partner universities in Europe and around the world. Lectures, promotions and discussions with eminent professors and lecturers, which are in English, aim to motivate students to meet major social issues through collaboration across different disciplines, languages ​​and borders. The lectures and discussions are intended for students from all three cycles of studies, and the lecturers involve topics from the scientific disciplines taught at the Faculty of Philosophy. A special focus within this event is the promotion of international projects implemented by the Faculty of Philosophy. As part of the promotion, partner universities also participate in the event. The second international week also resulted in the publication of a book of abstracts, which left more visible mark on key aspects of the presentations of all lecturers at the event.

20-23.02.2023: Fifth International Week at the Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje

15-19.02.2022: Fourth International Week at the Faculty of Philosophy, Skopje

15-19.02.2021: Third International Week “Exploring Pandemics through Humanities and Social Sciences”

17-21.02.2020: Second International Week “Innovation in Humanities and Sciences”

Book of abstracts from the Second International Week

11-15.02.2019: First International Week “Challenges of Teaching and Research in Humanities and Social Sciences”