Student Affairs

Student Affairs Office carries out activities related to the implementation of the procedure for enrolment of students and the formation, management and storage of files of students in first, second and third cycle studies, keeping a registry of enrolled and main books of graduates, masters and doctorates students, implementation of the rules for study, implementation of the procedures for student mobility, coordination of activities related to the procedure for equivalence of courses of students from other faculties and other matters related to the scope of work of the Department. The main goal in performing the work of the employees in the Department is professional and administrative support to the students in exercising their rights and obligations.

The working hours of the student affairs department are every working day from 08:00 to 16:00. Working hours with students are from 11:00 to 14:00.


Violeta Popstefanova

Head of the Student Affairs Office

Phone: + 389 2 3116 520 ext: 262


Dr. Sonja Tevdovska

Associate for Master Studies

Phone: + 389 2 3116 520 ext: 260


Despina Miladinovska

Associate for Doctoral studies

Phone: + 389 2 3116 520 ext 163


Slavica Crnicikj

student affairs

Phone: + 389 2 3116 520 ext 261


Blagorodna Salkovska

student affairs

Phone: + 389 2 3116 520 ext 159


Svetlana Stojanovska

student affairs

Phone: + 389 2 3116 520 ext 259


IT administrators:

Bojan Petrusevski


Hristijan Lambevski



Faculty ERASMUS coordinator:
Assoc. prof. Sofija Arnaudova

Contact hours: Monday 10.00-11.00; Thursday 11.00-12.00

CEEPUS network coordinators at the Faculty of Philosophy:

Prof. Nikos Chausidis (History of Art and Archeology)

Prof. Suzana Miovska Spaseva (Pedagogy)

Assoc. prof. Marija Todorovska (Philosophy)

Prof. Maja Gerovska Mitev (Social Work and Social Policy)

Prof. Dejan Donev (Ethics)

Assoc. prof. Nikola Minov (History)

Student Assembly

Dimitar Korunoski

President of the Faculty Student Assembly

Phone: + 389 2 3116 520 ext: 230


Student organizations at the Faculty of Philosophy:

AXIOS (association of students of archaeology)

PSIHESKO (organization of students of Psychology)

ASSR (association of students of social work)

Association of students of special education and rehabilitation

ISHA Skopje (association of students of history)