After the undoubted success that we achieved in the scientific and organizational aspect, at the First European Conference for Religious Dialogue and Cooperation (which we held in 2019), we continue at the same pace. According to the established pace of holding this type of Conference (every two years), the Second European Conference on Religious Dialogue and Cooperation was to be held this 2021. However, because of the constraints caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic globally, I did not want this Conference to hold online. I believe that this type of conference should be organized only in person, to achieve all the desired effects in terms of exchange of scientific research results and achievements. In addition, the informal socializing between the participants in the Conference provides an exceptional and rare opportunity for the exchange of experiences and agreements for future cooperation and networking of the participants and their Institutions in future Scientific Research projects and other activities.

Therefore, the Second European Conference on Religious Dialogue and Cooperation on the topic: Relationship between Religion and Globalization: Religious Particularism vs. Religious Universalism will be held from 13.06.2022 to 16.06.2022 in Struga (North Macedonia). I am deeply convinced that the situation related to Covid-19 will enable us to hold the Conference in person. At this Conference, we offer a much richer tourist program for sightseeing of the most important Monasteries, Churches, and Mosques in the Western part of Macedonia, as well as all the natural beauties related to the Struga-Ohrid region and Lake Ohrid with its widely known beaches.