Dr. Biljana Vankovska

Full Professor

Prof. Dr. Biljana Vankovska was born in 1959 in Skopje. She graduated (in 1982) and received her MA degree (1987) in Law at the Faculty of Law at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje. In October 1983 she was employed at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje as a junior assistant at the Institute of Defense. She defended her PhD thesis on “The Role of the Military in Politics” in October 1992 at the Faculty of Law, earning her the title of PhD in Law. She was elected assistant professor in 1993, and associate professor in 1997. In November 2006, she was elected full professor for the second time.

Prof. Vankovska has participated in numerous international conferences and congresses, and has been a lecturer at universities in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, England, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, etc. She is a member of the academic associations in the field of political science and international relations, such as ISA, IPSA, EuPRA, IPRA, IUS on Armed Forces and Society. She was a member of the IPRA Research Committee on Armed Forces and Society (1996-2000). From 1997 to 2000 she was Guest Research Fellow at COPRI (Copenhagen Peace Research Institute), and in 2001/2002 she was Senior Research Fellow at DCAF (Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces). From 2000-2010 she was a Faculty Staff Member of the European Peace University (EPU), Stadtschlaining, Austria. She is a member of the TRANSCEND peace network, and associate of the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research (TFF) in Lund, Sweden. She is a member of the nomination committee for the Seoul Peace Prize.

She has been a member of the editorial boards of several prestigious scientific journals, such as Journal for Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, Journal of International Relations and Development, International Problems, etc. She is the editor of the scholarly journal “Security Dialogues” published by the Faculty of Philosophy. She was a public advocate of the regional initiative RECOM for Macedonia from 2010 to 2014.

She has translated four scientific works from the English language.

Fluent in English and ​​South Slavic languages.

Research interests: political system, international relations, international security, transitional justice, Balkan security, peace and conflict research.

Prof. Dr. Biljana Vankovska  is engaged in lectures and seminars of the courses:

The second cycle of studies:
  • 1

    [IOC231I] Global governance and international organizations

  • 2

    [I’KBM3-3] Security and the rule of law

  • 3

    [MR1023] International Relations, Peace and Security

  • 4

    [MR224I] Dealing with the Past and Reconciliation

The third cycle of studies:
  • 1

    [BOM9] International Security in the 21st Century

  • 2

    [BOM16] Politics of Peacebuilding

  • 3

    [IOMC118] Principles of Global Security


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