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Institute for Social Work and Social Policy

Dr. Svetlana Trbojevik

Full Professor

Prof. Dr. Svetlana Trbojevik was born in 1971 in Skopje. She graduated (1996) and received her master’s degree (2008) at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje. In October 1996 she was employed at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje as a librarian-secretary, and in December 2005 she was elected as a junior assistant at the Institute for Social Work and Social Policy. Master’s degree on “The impact of multiculturalism on social work and social policy.” She defended her doctoral dissertation on “The Christian spiritual perspective as a determinant for the development of social policy and social work in Western democracies” in October 2010 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje, earning the title of Doctor of Science in Social Policy and Social Work. She was elected assistant professor in April 2011, in October 2015 she was elected as associate professor, and in September 2020 she was elected as full professor.

She has been a head of the Institute for Social Work and Social Policy since September 2017. Visiting professor at the University of Nis from October 2016 onwards, where she teaches the theories of Social Work and Group Social Work. In the summer semester of 2019 she was a visiting professor at the East Bavarian University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg, Germany where she teaches the subject Social Work in an Intercultural Environment.

National expert in the working group for social policy and employment at the National Convention for the EU in the Republic of Macedonia from April, 2018 – September, 2019. Document Assessment Consultant for project award under the World Bank Municipal Services Improvement Project. January 2019-January 2021. Coordinator of the Ex-ante and ex-post research on the assessment of the benefits and impact of road rehabilitation on users (qualitative analysis) within the Road Upgrade and Development Project (PNRP) (qualitative user assessment) of the World Bank and Public Enterprise for State Roads. (January 2017-January 2021).

ЧShe has been a member of the Council of the NGO “Youth Challenge” since 1999 – until now. She is a member of the Licensing Commission at the Public Institution Institute for Social Activities from 2019-2024.

She is fluent in English and Serbian.

Research interests: assessments of the social impact of infrastructure investments on communities, community development, multiculturalism, poverty and social exclusion, and youth activism.

Prof. Dr. Svetlana Trbojevic is engaged in lectures and seminars of the courses:


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